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MS6i is a transporter music server with a beautiful aluminum casing to serve as your perfect digital source for your dedicated DAC. With fully digital output, replaceable hard disk, CD transport and an outstanding design, it’s one of the strongest contenders in the field of digital servers. 

MS6i is made through aluminum alloy anodized oxidation process to create a frosted appearance with a smooth surface and saturated, light- reflecting colors. The chassis also works as an efficient passive heatsink with slits on the sides allowing air circulation without the burden of an active fan whose electrical current and moving parts interfere with the server’s digital output quality. 

The simple but elegant design is sharing many design parameters with the QAT flagship music server MS5, having a similar internal structure and the sound processing maintained at the same consistent high standard. To guarantee the best possible experience with digital audio, each section is designed and exquisitely attuned with each other, sporting a 2.5-inch hard disk that is easily replaceable and supports SSD disks to minimize mechanical interference with the signal. Connectors include BNC, AES/EBU, RCA, optical fiber cable, RS-232, a comprehensive digital output interface to connect the music server to your other Hi-Fi equipment.

MS6i also allows connection of external devices through 4 USB ports and by way of wireless signal to network accessed storage (NAS), which gives nearly unlimited, additional storage.


QAT has developed in-house an app “QAT”to control the server to listen, rip and copy from anywhere with Wi-Fi signal. Our app comes both for iOS and Android devices, with tablets to control all functions, and phones for playback controls on iOS, on Android all functions are available on either devices. The apps are available for free on app store and our website, and are updated regularly.