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QAT Audio Technology is a Hi-End audio manufacturer from China which headquarters is located in Beijing. We are committed to designing and making of high-end audio products. Our philosophy is to perfecting the fusion of Quality, Art and Technology.

Mr. Zhiqian Zhang founded QAT AUDIO in 2006; he graduated from Zhejiang University in 1984 where he majored in bi-medical engineering. He is not only a successful businessman but has interests across a wide range of areas and a special love of music and audio products. President of Kunhap Medical Equipment Ltd and QAT-Audio Ltd, he is a true audiophile too.

The General Manager of the company is Mr. Hongfu Mei. Graduated from China's Conservatory of Music, he became a teacher. He composed music for movies, television program and series. Later went to the Netherlands for further studies on electronic and computer music. After returning to China he taught lessons at the Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Art institutions. His chance encounter with Mr. Zhang led to his joining QAT.

He and Mr. Zhang complement each other as a musician who is proficient in music knowledge and related skills matches a successful businessman who loves music and audio. The two have generated a tremendous amount of energy to build up this company step by step.

We managed to successfully coordinate valuable resources and integrate them with the high-end audio industry. Our team is not only a collection of Red Dot Award winning designers but also a multicultural conglomerate of addicted IT geeks and famous audio engineers from many regions of China. We have set an unprecedented high standard for our whole industry. In addition we deliberately created an external supervisory panel by inviting the most prestigious audio experts, media leaders, audiophiles, record producers and sound engineers for their feedback. Every one of our products has undergone most critical and careful listening. Therefore we view our products as "representing the sound of the original".


Address: 2 F, Red Tower (Left Inside the North Gate), North Creek Park, Lize West Street, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
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