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The QAT 575 Amplifier is a solid-state integrated amplifier. Being part of QAT’s Radiance line, it shares the design concept with its simple appearance and fine crafting with our flagship MS5 Music Server. The single knob on the front panel doubles as a source selector and as a high quality attenuator.

At QAT, we are balancing the single components to create a result that is greater than the sum of its parts, of which the 575 Amplifier is a very good example of. The sound of the 575 Amplifier is best described as natural, with positions of instruments accurately reproduced, to create a wide soundstage coupled with life-like dynamics: The perfect arrangement for an unforgettable listening experience. 575 Amplifier has an extended, yet well-balanced bandwidth where high frequencies are clear and lively, the mid-range frequencies are precise and tuneful, and the bass frequencies are tight and dense. Coupled with the MS5 Music Server, the QAT Radiance series is complete and delivers and unforgettable listening experience. Both products complement each other and offer the highest quality to price ratio available in the Hi-Fi market.

QAT has developed in-house an app ‘QAT Remote’ to control the server to listen, rip and copy from anywhere with Wi-Fi signal. Our app comes both for iOS and Android devices, with tablets to control all functions, and phones for playback controls on iOS, on Android all functions are available on either devices. The apps are available for free on the App Store and our website, and are updated regularly.