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The QAT Crystal series’ specialty is the excellent combination of materials and workmanship. Through the perfect integration of art, design and quality, QAT is able to achieve a system with performance and esthetic. The casing is made from an aluminum alloy, shaped using state-of-the-art CNC processes, and with front and top covers of artificial crystal plates. The combination of high-quality, precision machined graphite colored alloy material with details such as slopped edges give the Crystal series’ products its unique and stylish appearance.

Our philosophy is to provide a system that allows audiophiles to enjoy the QAT Crystal series’ high fidelity sound, an ease of operation and elegant design to please the eyes. In the area of sound quality, the Crystal series has reached an excellent performance-to-price ratio. This series fully manifests QAT’s quest for the perfect combination of Quality, Art, and Technology.

The interior design concept ultimately expresses the amplifier’s exquisite production value. The unit stands firmly on 4 black graphite shock absorbers, and contains an extra large heat sink for long usage of the amplifier without overheating. The amp is controlled through a precision machined, all-metal remote control, with simple but effective design.

QAT 825 Amp has True Dual Mono configuration and a powerful, military grade R-Core transformer to provide stable and efficient power supply.