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At QAT we strongly believe that the ideal hi-end music server combines the strong sides of both digital and analog audio, taking advantage of current networking technologies. We strive to unite the best in each field, to pursue excellence in hi-fi audio while at the same time providing the amenities and easy-of-use if modern-days electronic products.
At the 2010 High End Show in Munich, QAT launched its first hi-end music server, the MS1. It was the world’s first music server operated remotely through our very own 7-inch full-color touch screen remote control pad, the RP1. One year later, at the 2011 High End Show, QAT introduced the next-gen high-end MS5 Music Server. Bing our flagship product, it represents the pinnacle of development after years of experience and research. MS5 Music Server has received the Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards honoree at the CES in 2013.

The MS5 Music Server doesn’t just retrieve data, but using the EAC based Accurate-Rip technology it also improves the sound quality over that of a CD player. The MS5 Music Server transfers the CD data to lossless WAV format, with repeating the ripping process of retrieving, correcting and sorting out the disturbances caused by the vibrations of the spinning CD. Ultimately, the digital data is superior and more accurate than the audio played from CD directly, even when played on dedicated hi-end CD drives. The MS5 supports PCM, WAV, APE, FLAC and other non-compression or lossless compression formats at a sampling rate of up to 24bit/192kHz. To achieve better playback results, the MS5 Music Server uses two high precision, temperature compensated crystal oscillators at different frequencies to ensure the best performance when playing 24bit format music. The decoder uses 2 AD1955 Analog Devices(24bit/192kHz)high performance single chips that operate in fully differential mode.

QAT has developed in-house an app ‘QAT Remote’ to control the server to listen, rip and copy from anywhere within same Wi-Fi signal reception. The app comes both for iOS and Android devices, with tablets to control all functions, and phones for playback controls on iOS, on Android all functions are available on either devices. The apps are available for free on the App Store and on our website, and are updated regularly.

The remote control device is only used to send a control signal by wireless transmission, all music data is saved on the Music Server. This way, the sound output quality of the MS5 Music Server is not affected by transmission speeds inadequate for Hi-Fi standard music files, or by wireless interferences. The app also allows interaction with the MS5 to create playlists, change CD covers, change track names and other information.

The MS5 with its sophisticated design and utilitarian appearance, cool finish and state-of-the art craftsmanship, completely subverts the traditional Hi-Fi audio design concept. Its chassis and the top panel are made from whole sheets of extruded, seamless aluminum alloy 6mm thick. Solution treatment and aging (STA), polishing, sandblasting, pickling, chemical polishing, oxidation, coloring, and sealing are among the multiple processes which contribute to the MS5’s modern and timeless appearance, making it easy to be integrated in any home environment.

“Music Server MS5, as a combined product of the high-end & IT technology, has attracted continual attention for its perfect sound quality, brilliant appearance, excellent craftsmanship, friendly interface and convenient operation”

CES, innovation award, 2011.

 “It’s a very strong contender in this emerging market” 

Paul Rigby, HI-FI WORLD issue 7, 2011.

 “Then this QAT becomes a finely thought-out superbly built sonically advanced solution you should investigate” 

Srajan Ebaen from 6moons. 2nd issue, 2011

 “This is a music server for people who don’t like the idea of having a computer proper in the audio system” “It’s for quietly playing music the way it always used to be ... damn well” 

Alan Sircom, hifi+, issue 90, 2012

 “Der MS5 lässt nach kurzer Zeit vergessen, dass man es mit Computermusik zu tun hat und liefert einen herrlich analogen, sehr mitreißenden Klang” (MS5 will make you forget your are listening to computer music and provides an incredibly analogue, very stirring sound)

 Einsnull, issue Nov/Dec, 2012

  “Referenz Klasse Musik Server” 

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